SSC West, a division of Social Service Consultants, Ltd., is a private social service staffing agency. We hire support staff that provide behavioral and social training to disabled children and adults in a variety of settings from daycare to adult day programs, as well as work programs. We employ Special Needs Assistants who are qualified to give the time and attention to individuals, who have special circumstances that prevent them from flourishing in a typical environment. Our agency works for you with your exact needs. It is our belief that every person deserves an opportunity to learn and grow regardless of their special circumstances.


Our Beginning

We began over twenty-five years ago in Maryland, serving youth, family, mental health agencies, and private schools. We received an increasing number of requests to provide one on one assistance for special needs children, and that's when we knew we had found our calling. Since then, we have grown tremendously to help hundreds of children attain their highest level of potential.

Did You Know?

1 in 50

children are affected by autism                             (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


increase in the prevelance of autism from 2000-2010 (Autism Society)